Vientiane offers travelers a variety of restaurants. In terms of traditional Lao dining, there are several options to choose from as you walk along the sidewalks of Vientiane.

Try the KhaoNiaw (sticky rice), the Laap (meat or fish salad) and the Tam MakHoong (spicy papaya salad). Restaurants like Kualao and Kong View offer the local cuisine with great views of the Mekong river and charming ambiance at reasonable prices.

butter-chickenVientiane also provides travelers with authentic cuisines fromover the world, so be adventurous and try as many as you can. Don’t miss the PDR – Pizza da Roby which boasts the best pizzas in town, or the mouthwatering Indian curries at Delhi Durbar. Be sure to also try the Cordon Bleu at theSabaiCaféin the City Inn Vientiane.


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