Vientiane offers travelers a variety of restaurants. In terms of traditional Lao dining, there are several options to choose from as you walk along the sidewalks of Vientiane.

Try the Khao Niaw (sticky rice), the Laap (meat or fish salad) and the Tam Mak Hoong (spicy papaya salad), the Sea Weed with its Cheo Bong (spicy sauce). Restaurants like Kualao and Kong View offer the local cuisine with great views of the Mekong river and charming ambiance at reasonable prices.

butter-chickenVientiane also provides travelers with authentic cuisines from over the world, so be adventurous and try as many as you can. Don’t miss the PDR – Pizza del Roby which boasts the best pizzas in town, or the mouthwatering Indian curries at Delhi Durbar. Be sure to also try the Cordon Bleu at the Sabai Café in the City Inn Vientiane.


Things to do in Vientiane


Vientiane is a great place to be for business travelers as it is the commercial hub of Laos and continues to retain the traditional aspects of the Lao culture allowing it to offer you numerous things to do after a long, hard day at work.

So whether you are looking to explore the Lao culture, or just to relax and rejuvenate after a tiring workday, City Inn Vientiane has the following recommendations for you to ensure you a productive, memorable, and even an exciting trip.

Don’t miss the Patuxay (Arc of Triumph in centre-town of Vientiane, with the panoramic view on the city), the That Luang Stupa (symbol and palladium of the country), the temples such as the Ho Phra Keo, the Si Meuang, and the Sisakhet. Museums are also very interesting ; for sure we recommend the National Museum, but also the Army Museum and the Kaysone Museum Centre.

Enjoy Vientiane, and don’t hesitate to ask us advice and help at the reception desk for information or reservation. Have a nice stay in City Inn Vientiane.


Coffee Taste in Vientiane

Laos boasts as one of the world’s best coffee culture. The coffee in Laos is locally grown, and is quite amazing indeed.

There are several cafés to choose from where you can get your daily caffeine fix, such as the Scandinavian Bakery Shop, Le Trio, Naked espresso, Joma Café. These are very close to the City Inn Vientiane and offer free Wi-Fi as well. For pastries or fresh croissants, Le Banneton and Benoni Café are great choices.

You can also buy coffee beans in several of these shops, and also in local markets. We wish you a nice Coffee tour and taste in Vientiane!


A drink in Vientiane

The nightlife in Vientiane is very laid back and relaxed. Beer is available pretty much everywhere, with the emblematic Beerlao, probably the best beer in South East Asia and the symbol of the country. Try out the Beerlao Dark to be sure, you will for sure be seduced if not hooked. To be sure, take time to read these articles of NY Times, or Best Beer HQ.

The local rice wine affectionately known as Lao Lao packs quite a punch. Have a few cocktails and watch the sunset over the Mekong at Spirit House, Bor Pen Nyang, Highlander or Chok Dee. If you miss a bit of Irish action, visit O’Gradys and try their in-house specialty, Seamuson.


Fitness in Vientiane

If you’re looking to keep fit while you work and travel, you can check out the Fitness Center and swimming pool at the National Stadium which is located adjacent to City Inn Vientiane (feel free to ask the reception for daily passes to use the facilities at the National Stadium).

Sengdara Fitness Center is also a good option if you’re looking for a gym with western style facilities and equipment. Try a Vinyasa or Hatha Yoga session at the Vientiane Yoga Studio if you’re are a yoga enthusiast, or just want to be a little adventurous.


Rest and Relaxation

If you want some distress and relax after a tiring workday, Vientiane offers several massage parlors and spas that are not only reasonably priced but absolutely great. Be sure to get the Lao traditional massage at the WatSok Pa Luang, White Lotus Massage Center or the Wellness Massage Center.

Don’t miss the famous Lao foot massage at Champa Spa or the peppermint body scrub at the Oasis spa.


Shop in Vientiane

If you are looking to buy the locally made Lao handicrafts and souvenirs such as the Lao silks or traditional carvings, be sure to visit the Night market, which stretches along the Mekong River, and offers such artifacts at reasonable prices, which is open every evening at 7pm.

You can also have a look in the biggest market, the “morning market” that closes at 4pm; you will definitely find there a lot of local and international products.

The Vientiane Center Lao is the biggest mall in Vientiane, where you can find branded and fancier things to buy. The Mall also houses the Major Platinum Cineplex, where you can catch the latest releases in international and local Cinema.